Virtual Joint Programme between IIT Delhi and Universiti of Brunei Darussalam

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On 1st November 2021, IIT Delhi and Universiti Brunei Darussalam hosted a student-led virtual event in an effort to strengthen their cooperation and develop rapport so that students from both universities come together, discuss ideas that are relevant to both universities, and foster friendship along those lines from people of various cultures.

The event entailed five students from each university working together and infusing their diverse experiences into presentations on the topic of “The shift to online learning in educational institutions amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic”. The students worked in groups to analyze the different aspects of this challenge and propose possible solutions for both universities. 

The students proposed well-thought solutions to the various problem statements given to them like coping with mental health issues, creating a better online learning space for students, etc., and showcased their teamwork and reasoning skills.

The students engaged in extensive and in-depth discussion as they attempted to apply their knowledge and comprehend each other’s perspectives. After a 30-minute dialogue, each team presented their solution, followed by a QnA round for giving students feedback. At the end of the event, the students stayed back for an informal chat to get to know each other well, sowing the seeds for friendships along the way.

The presentations were graced by the presence of Professor Naveen Garg (Dean of International Programmes, IIT Delhi), Dr. Joyce Teo (Assistant Vice Chancellor of Global Affairs, UBD), and Dr. Sabrina Daud (Director of Global Relations UBD). The facilitators for the event- Ms. Richa Saxena (International Programmes IIT Delhi), Ms. Irmawati Ahmad (Deputy Director of Global Relations), Ms. Norfarahiyah Hj Tuah (Global Discovery Programme Coordinator), and Dr. Pooja Shivanand (Assistant Professor, Programme Leader – Environmental and Life Sciences) were also present.

Amid a pandemic, where it is tough to facilitate the interaction of students between different universities, the event was a huge success. It inspires us to further augment our resolve for having more virtual engagements of similar nature and build platforms for students to exchange ideas.