Student-led virtual engagement between University of Waterloo – IIT Delhi

A student-led virtual engagement on Sustainable Energy was held between IIT Delhi and the University of Waterloo. The event began with a series of student presentations – stories about themselves, their universities, and the history and culture shared by India and Canada. The students also expressed their motivation behind their participation and engaged in conversations to understand each other’s opinions, ideas, and approaches towards solving the critical sustainability issues.

Four cross-university teams of five students each were assigned one aspect of the sustainable energy solution – technology, economy, society, or environment. The teams had been collaborating online for developing their solutions which they presented at the event. The event also provided a forum for the teams to debate and discuss each other’s proposed solutions. Special thanks to Ms Ambika, Manager of Global Programs and Initiatives at the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy for facilitating the conduct of the event. Several professors from both universities, working in the sustainability domain, were also present to judge the proposed solutions and offer feedback, which enhanced the dialogue further.

The students presented thoughtful and innovative solutions for the two energy challenges that showcased their passion for the world’s sustainability challenges and teamwork between the students of the two universities. A concluding ceremony celebrated the immense amount of collaborative hard work the students had put in. Each student was also given a book as a symbol of cultural exchange.

The event was a great success. We hope to facilitate similar discussions in the future, catering to diverse topics and allowing students from various backgrounds and walks of life to interact.