60th Know India Programme

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For the past several decades, people claiming roots in the motherland have been at the forefront of political, social and technological innovations worldwide. Keeping this in mind, the government of India had organised the Know India Programme (KIP), designed to connect the young Indian diaspora of the world with the culture, diversity and moral values our civilisation has grown and nurtured since time immemorial.

On 29th August, IIT Delhi received 40 students of Indian descent as a part of the 60th KIP. The interaction aimed to instil pride in the guests’ hearts in India’s scientific and technological progress.  Through the spread of knowledge and enlightenment, the nation’s citizens have overcome previously impossible challenges throughout the nation’s history.

The 40 participants from the Ministry of External Affairs’ flagship programme got to interact with faculty members and students of IIT Delhi and visit the R&D labs, giving them a glimpse into the institute’s various key technology-related R&D activities. The visitors gained insight into India’s scientific and technological innovation progress. The participants discussed topics such as educational policies and academic structures of colleges at length in the meeting. 

The programme left the participants feeling a sense of connection to their motherland, and every participant took back a great deal about contemporary India’s forms of art, culture and heritage.