PAC IIT Delhi Unveils Prestigious Physics Olympiad: Elevating Scientific Inquiry and Excellence

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The Physics and Astronomy Club (PAC) at IIT Delhi proudly announces the commencement of the Physics Olympiad, a prestigious intellectual challenge designed to celebrate and cultivate the spirit of scientific inquiry and excellence. Organized in two stages, the competition features a rigorous screening round with 12 problems, testing participants’ proficiency in physics concepts. Successful teams advancing to the final round will face five subjective problems, exploring the depths of Classical and Quantum Mechanics, and General Relativity, with the liberty to employ online resources.

Open to participants of varying academic backgrounds, the Olympiad categorizes entrants into High School, Undergraduates, and Open categories. A comprehensive understanding of high school physics, elementary calculus, linear algebra, complex numbers, and basic Quantum Mechanics is required, and the competition promises challenges that escalate in difficulty.

Registration allows teams of up to three individuals, with categorization determined by the highest academic level within the team. Notably, awards and prizes, distributed across the three categories, affirm the outstanding achievements of participants, fostering a competitive yet respectful atmosphere. For inquiries and assistance, please refer to the provided contact information. We invite all enthusiasts to embark on this intellectual journey and showcase their prowess in the fascinating realm of physics.

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