IIT Delhi Hospital

The multifarious medical needs of the Campus population consisting of Students, Staff members and their dependents are met by the IIT Hospital. The Institute Hospital has facilities for OPD treatment in almost all branches of medicine with facilities for pathological/radiological investigations and in addition has a dental and physiotherapy wing. It also has adequate facilities, both infrastructure and expertise wise for all types of minor surgical procedures and an inpatient unit with 12 beds. 

Outpatient treatment is available from 8am to 8pm and emergency services are available around the clock. The ambulance service transports patients from around the campus to the IIT hospital or to an empaneled hospital for specialized care. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), one of the finest hospitals in the country is a short distance away and specialist doctors from AIIMS provide consultation every evening to all campus residents.

All students can avail free treatment and medicines from the IIT Hospital. Students are required to carry a health insurance for Rs 100,000 to cover cost of treatments and procedures which cannot be provided at the IIT hospital.


Dean, International Programs

Prof. James Gomes
Professor, Kusuma School of Biological Sciences, IIT Delhi