IIT Delhi offers a number of options for graduate studies to non-Indian nationals. Indian nationals (and those who obtained their qualifying degree from India) are required to appear in entrance exams for admission to these programs but this requirement is waived for foreign nationals. All graduate students (Indian and non-Indian) pay the same tuition fees and have access to similar programs for financial support and schemes for professional development.

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IITD welcomes students with strong academic record who are keen to pursue research. We offer PhD programs in the Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering/ Technology, Humanities and Management. To be eligible you must have a master’s degree in the relevant discipline but students with a strong Bachelor (at least 4yrs) in Engineering/technology are also eligible. Detailed eligibility criterion can be found here

Research at IITD is spread across multiple academic units and to apply you should identify a suitable department/center/school working in your area of interest; click here for a list of programs.

M.Tech/M.S. (R)

An M.Tech program lets students specialize in their engineering discipline. To be eligible students should have a bachelor’s degree (at least 4 yrs) in Engineering/Technology or a master’s degree in science/maths; click here for detailed criterion. 

A large number of M.Tech programs are offered by IITD; see here for a complete list. The usual duration of an M.Tech program is 2 yrs and students are required to complete a semester long thesis. A number of electives allow students to tailor the program to nurture their interests.

An MS(R) program provides students an opportunity to research an area of interest and write a substantial thesis on their findings. Eligibility and duration is similar to the M.Tech program but course-work requirements are significantly lower. The program is offered by only a few academic units; click here for a list.


IITD offers MSc programs in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics and Cognitive Science. The MSc program is a 2 year program and students with a Bachelors of Science (at least 3years) in the relevant discipline are eligible; click here for detailed criterion.



The Department of Design, IITD offers a 2-year Master of Design program intended to prepare designers for the industry. Candidates with a 4 yr bachelor’s in engineering/Technology, Design or Architecture are eligible; click here for detailed criterion.


Department of Management Studies, IITD offers a 2-year master’s in business administration with eligibility criterion similar to that of the MSc programs. It also offers a 2-yr master’s in business administration with focus on Telecom Management for which the eligibility criterion is similar to that of MTech programs. Full-time students are also required to have a GMAT score.

Dean, International Programs

Prof. James Gomes
Professor, Kusuma School of Biological Sciences, IIT Delhi